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We enable growth of additional clients & revenues in Southeast Asia by leveraging SaaS expansion’s sales resources with your industry background. 100% Technology & Data driven sales that delivers 2X results of your in-house team.

Utilize sales ready teams

You need not hire teams, No need to set up an office, just test waters in Southeast Asia with 500+ sales resources who understand your product and customers.

End to end pipeline management

We take care of building the end to end sales pipeline from B2B marketing, lead generation, in-country sales resources and sign up clients for you with minimal investment.

Decades of Southeast Asia expertise

Leverage on our decades of experience in technology companies, industry expert network and connections in Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Philippines.

SaaS expansion

Tech enabled Sales as a Service

We build a multi-million dollar Annual Run Rate business for your SaaS company by leveraging our 500+ in-country Sales and Business Development talent in Southeast Asia. We enable the growth of additional clients and revenues by using our expertise in local and country-specific Business to Business Marketing, Telesales, Sales & Business Development, Partnerships and Account Management.

Southeast Asia is a $100 Billion internet economy, We handle the complexities and dynamics of each market by relying on performance, data and in-country resources. We bring in decades of expertise operating in these markets.

We help test waters or function as an additional sales channel in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines & Singapore with minimal investment. You need NOT hire teams or set up an office. If Covid-19 has put a stop to your expansion plans we are here to help you. 

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Why should you partner with us?


Southeast Asia has about 360M internet users and it is a $100 Billion internet economy. We expect all global SaaS firms to have a significant presence in the region within the next few years. 


We are a Singapore based company. We want to leverage our decades of expertise, skill sets, and connections in these key markets in Southeast Asia to help other SaaS companies expand here. We focus on a lean sales model and give you the first-mover advantage.


We currently have a team of 500+ talent across Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam from various high growth companies. 

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Marketing & PR

We produce sales materials customized to Southeast Asian customers that can be used in PR articles, cold calls, and e-mail.

We help with interviews, webinars, white papers, product demos & case studies for your product. 

Lead generation

We have dedicated resources for sales operations. We have the ability to generate ABM & Non-ABM leads. We see long term effects of generating and qualifying leads in the right target industry. 

We use all the latest digital tools available in the market to get to the right decision-makers.


Our telesales talent can call and gauge interest, collect business information, set up meetings and appointments with decision-makers.

We track various stages of the funnel from cold calls, meetings set up to deals closed. We measure conversion across every step and improve over time.

Sales & BD

We have in-country business development talent to explain your products USP better and improve your chances of conversion to sale.

They help in better relationships and account management of clients. They also up-sell opportunities and focus on strategic selling. 


We partner with relevant SaaS players in the ecosystem that help you grow your client base inorganically. We work with marketing agencies, cloud enablers, logistics companies, e-commerce companies, and other startups.

We also attend conferences, trade shows, and partner with relevant industry associations and trade bodies  

Ad Tech SaaS

Client 2

SaaS expansion grew paying customers for an Ad Tech company to 350 across seven Southeast Asian markets, click the image below to know more details

Some of our clients

Aptos __ SaaS expansion .jpg
Client 3
Client 5
Client 2

Productivity CRM SaaS

SaaS expansion generated and qualified 110 customers with over 275 meetings with key decision makers, which enabled them to make 300 demos, click the image below to know more details about the case study

Fintech SaaS


A Well-Known eCommerce Company Taps into SEA Region, click the image below to know more details about the case study

Video platform SaaS

Video Platform Bags $500K Contracts, click the image below to know more details

e-commerce SaaS

Aptos __ SaaS expansion  (2).jpg
Aptos __ SaaS expansion  (4).jpg
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