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Get Introduced to Some Best SEO Tools for Digital Marketing in Southeast Asia

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

As in other parts of the world, today, digital customers in Asia, especially Southeast Asia (SEA) are using search engines to find services or products of their choice. Being acknowledged as one of the fastest-growing Internet regions in the world, Southeast Asia offers immense growth opportunities to all types of businesses. Needless to say, these companies are competing for search engine rankings in the region. Google, Baidu, Yandex, Yahoo, Bing, and Sogou are a few popular search engines in the region. According to Statcounter, with a contribution of 90.46% Google leads the list of search engines with the highest search share followed by Baidu at 2.51% and others.

Do you know a website that features on the first page of Google’s organic search engine results receives 91.8% of Google traffic! Having said that, increasing visibility is not easy. Here you need to perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which a consolidation of different search-engine friendly techniques. To perform, this you will require a set of tools. Are you intrigued to know what are the popular search engine tools used by marketers in the SEA region? This post introduces you to a few.

1. Keyword Research: This is the basic step of search engine optimization. It involves searching for most popular keywords relevant to your business using the tools like these:

  • Google Keyword Planner: This tool helps you find keywords relevant to your business and also offers you insights on average monthly searches, competition, suggested bid, and so on.

  • SEMrush: The tool is used by search engine marketers to find profitable keywords for their organic and paid campaigns. Along with this, it also helps in the competitor analysis and Google Ad campaign optimization.

  • Longtail PRO: As the name suggests, it is the keyword research tool for long-tail keyword research. It offers an overview of low and high traffic keywords in a niche.

2. Technical SEO: Identifying and fixing technical issues on a website is important to avoid any drop in search engine results.The following are a few tools that allow search engine marketers to identify and fix technical issues.

  • Screaming Fog: Assuring in-depth website audit, this tool enables users to identify issues like missing meta descriptions, missing page titles, and missing meta keywords.

  • MOZ: It is one of the popular SEO audit tools that enable search engine optimizers to audit different aspects of search engine performance.

  • Woorank: This tool offers an in-depth analysis of on-page and off-page factors, backlinks,broken links, as well as defective pages. It also offers suggestions to improve site ranking and visibility.

3. Backlink Monitoring & Analysis: Although SEO has changed over the years, quality backlinks are still valued. Today, search engine marketers in Southeast Asia and other countries use various tools to monitor the quality of backlinks. The following are a few popular ones:

  • Ahrefs: This tool is used by SEO marketers across the globe. It helps them monitor website backlinks, see followed and nofollowed links, as well as monitor the growth or decline of backlinks over a period of time.

  • SE Ranking: This backlink checker allows users to audit incoming links to their website based on data from Google Webmaster Tools.It also allows users to disavow links and create a new file for submission to Google webmaster.

  • Majestic: The tool offers link intelligence data to improve search engine rankings. Users can launch in-depth web-based link investigation to check their link health and find linking opportunities with competitors.

4. Link Building Tools: Link building remains one of the key strategies for search engine optimization in 2020. Search engine experts use various tools including the below-mentioned ones to track and optimize their link building campaigns.

  • LinkResearchTools: This platform helps users build high-quality links and recover from Google penalty by removing bad backlinks.

  • Whitespark: It allows users to boost their search engine rankings by identifying the best linking opportunities. Users can access several link building opportunities and reach prospects effortlessly utilizing its link inspector and citation tools.

  • Ontolo: Link building involves knowing more than who your prospects are. So, this tool advertises itself as an advanced prospecting tool. It allows users to prospect from multiple sources, or upload any prospecting list from various platforms.

This list of popular search engine optimization tools is created to help users through various stages of optimization. The best thing is most tools mentioned here offer multidimensional advantages can perform several of these tasks at a given time. Hence, before investing you need to look into the features offered by them . Many times, using these tools alone won’t suffice, you need to understand the people, culture, and their expectations. This can be only be known when you partner with an experienced player like Saas Expansion. You can get in touch with our team to know how we help our clients to establish, expand, and flourish in the region.

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