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[2020] How to Use Microsoft Office 365 for Business Productivity?

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Mobility, productivity of people and resources, and profitability are three business objectives that drive businesses worldwide. If looked closely, these objectives are interconnected and interdependent, too. Nowadays, businesses are relying on various types of business tools to meet these objectives and Microsoft Office stands tall among them. It is not a monolith platform, rather a megalith tool that supports diverse business functions through a set of user-friendly and innovative programs. Although Microsoft Office has become a de-facto business tool, still, businesses fail to utilize it properly. In fact, many businesses never utilize it properly beyond the basic features. This post gives away important tips on how businesses can improve their productivity using Microsoft Office, especially Office 365.  

1. Improves Business Communication: Businesses often face challenges when it comes to encouraging effective team collaboration between in-house and remote working teams. Office 365 offers Microsoft Teams, which enable them to strike conversations through chat, video conferencing, and calling. Teams allow people to organize their chats as per the subject and even label their conversations. Does it end here? No, there is more to it. Users can use Outlook or Word in the dashboard. This functionality comes handy when you are collaborating with different teams and want to discuss a document. Do you want to collaborate with colleagues operating in non-English speaking countries? You can easily converse with them using an inline translator, which can translate in more than 60 languages.

2. Platform Agnostic Experience: You can store the documents in OneDrive and make it accessible to authorized users who can access it from any device sitting at the home, office, or coffee shop. Doesn't that sound like an office on the move?

3. Well-Organized Mailboxes: According to a study, cluttered mailboxes are one of the main concerns of business owners and they induce high stress in them. Sanebox suggests that only 38% of the emails are relevant and many times business owners fail to find the right emails. This is where the Clutter feature in Outlook can help. Outlook - which is a popular email platform by Microsoft, allows you to create folders and sub-folders for emails. Clutter feature allows you to ignore low priority mails. You can either divert low priority mails to the Clutter Folder or retain them within the mailbox by labelling them as clutter.

4. Managing Project Deadlines is Easy: Managing deadlines is one of the key challenges faced by businesses. For many, deadlines look like regular business deliverables but it is not so. It may involve several tasks - individual and group tasks, which needs to be accomplished on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Many times, keeping track of these tasks and meeting individual or team goals become difficult for business users. This is where Microsoft's digital note-taking platform OneNote can help. You can easily mark a set of tasks and deadlines in the calendar. You can also add your co-worker as a collaborator, set reminders for a meeting by linking it with an Outlook calendar. You can add information such as agenda, topics, number of attendees and so on. You can also convert any relevant project information scribbled on a paper into the actionable text using devices that support electronic link.

5. Employee Engagement and Productivity: Office 365 offers Skype and Yammer, which are user-friendly business collaboration tools. You can encourage employees to use Skype for official communication, and Yammer for social communication. With improved social communication, employees can enjoy a strong bonding, which ultimately translates into better employee engagement and productivity. Skype can be easily integrated with other Microsoft products such as Powerpoint, Word, Excel, SharePoint and Outlook, which lends an authoritative edge to business communications.


6. Save on Operational Costs: Office 365 is a cloud-based platform, which allows you save on third-party software, hardware, travel, and other operational costs. As you can easily collaborate with your remote teams and access files whenever or wherever you want. A HBR-Verizon Survey in 2014 suggested that companies that have synchronized their emails and business documents on the cloud have reported 61% increase in employee productivity and could save on operational costs in a big way. What are you waiting for?

As seen Microsoft Office allows users to save on their efforts and time, as well as use their extra time, improved efficiencies, and streamlined work processes productively. Along with optimizing business productivity and collaboration, striking the right business partnerships is equally important. If you are planning to enter into a new market, you need to partner with agencies that help you understand the market dynamics and set the business easily. Saas-Expansion has emerged as a popular partner to several small and mid-sized businesses planning to enter the Southeast Asia market. We support clients by offering tailored and user-friendly business solutions. Businesses can utilize our vast experience, expertise, and resources to test waters in the region. We can also help you find the right business partners in the region.

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