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Integrated Marketing & Telesales Service Helped a CRM Company Reach Key Decision-Makers


One of the leading SaaS companies that provide tailored CRM solutions to the retail industry. It has a strong presence in the Americas, Europe, and Africa catering to small and mid-sized e-retailers.

Business Challenges

  1. There is a heavy influence of regional language in business communication; uncovering the needs is difficult with English as the primary language.

  2. Marketing not able to target the key decision-makers

  3. Using key regional talent to drive revenue


SaaS-Expansion's regional presence across SEA with access to over 500+ key talent and 20+ partnerships was a perfect fit to help the client navigate the talent and language challenges to reach the key decision-makers.

Integrated Marketing & Telesales Service

  • 6-month customized marketing campaign supported to drive inbound lead generation through content (sales materials, PR articles, webinars, interviews), SEO & social media strategy

  • Telesales to drive prospecting and booking appointments for the client

  • Uncover new use case and business opportunities

  • Reach key-decision decision-makers through forums

Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

CEO, Marketing Director, CFO, General Managers, Business Development Managers

Campaign Highlights

  • We have successfully completed a 6-month appointment setting and lead generation campaign for a client.

  • We employed the best concepts of inbound marketing strategies to create opportunities for clients to find and attract the new sets of prospective buyers.

  • We have delivered some highly qualified prospects who ultimately became paying customers.

  • Our experts worked closely with the client team to maximize productivity and achieved all key objectives within deadlines.

  • In the first month, team could arrange 40 in-person meetings, as well as 35 product demos, resulting in 20 sales.


  • 1 Marketing Manager

  • 2 Account Manager

  • 3 Telesales / Sales Development Representatives

Regions - 6

Thailand |Malaysia | Indonesia | Vietnam | Singapore | Philippines

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