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Top 10 Digital Sales and Marketing Tools for Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia, with a projected Internet economy of $300 billion by 2025, is the fastest-growing region in the world in terms of digital ad spend. This was confirmed in the e-Conomy SEA report by Google, Temasek, and Bain & Company released in 2019. The report evaluated the growth of the digital economy in six countries in the Southeast Asian (SEA) region - Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Increasing use of mobile Internet and social media platforms are a few factors that have driven this growth.

In 2017, a report by the Interactive Advertising Bureau Singapore (IAB Singapore)suggested that digital marketing spend in the region is doubling every year. This is because small and mid-sized, as well as corporations are investing in various organic and paid digital marketing campaigns. Like digital marketers elsewhere, those in the SEA region also use a variety of digital marketing tools to optimize different aspects of their campaigns. This post leads you to through 10 digital marketing tools used by digital marketers in the SEA region.

  1. Digital Analytics Tools: Analytics plays a key role in the success of your campaign. The following are two popular digital marketing tools used by experts in the region.

  2. Google Analytics: This tool provides a comprehensive overview of campaigns. Using this, marketers can analyze how their ads are liked by customers, and how they perceive it across the website and different digital platforms.

  3. SEMRush: There is no single content marketing strategy that works perfectly for all. To succeed, a marketer needs to understand what works and what fails. SEMRush features several in-built tools that allow SEM/SEO professionals to track and improve their campaigns. SEMRush enables users to track competitor campaigns, monitor rankings, and perform competitive analysis.

  4. Email Marketing, Automation, & Landing Page Optimization Tools: A study by Google suggests that it may take a person between 20 to 500+ touchpoints before making an online purchase. The following email marketing, automation, and landing page optimization tools are used by digital marketers to track customers journey through various touchpoints.

  5. Hubspot: This is inbound marketing, CRM, and sales suite, comprising tools that enable content marketers to create content that drives traffic through their website and increase their sales.

  6. AWeber: It is an email marketing tool that allows users to create a mailing list, design appealing newsletters, automate email marketing and track their campaigns effortlessly.

  7. ConvertKit: This platform offers several email marketing and automation tools that allow users to build, implement, track, and manage their campaigns easily.

  8. Unbounce: It is a tool that enables users to quickly, build, and test new landing pages. The tool offers several free templates that digital marketers can use to kick off the campaigns.

  9. Personalization Tools: eCommerce has emerged as one of the key growth drivers for digital marketers in the SEA region. According to the aforementioned Google study, youth from the region spend on an average of 140 minutes every month on various eCommerce websites, which adds to the competition. Nowadays, eCommerce marketers are using various eCommerce personalization tools to address their customers. The following is a popular tool:

  10. Segmentify: The tool offers personalized product recommendations, personalized emails, and personalized push-notification to online shoppers, thereby making them feel special and looked after. Also, marketers can utilize real-time conversion analytics to determine the strategies that are working or not working.

  11. Retention: Southeast Asia is home to some of the most engaged mobile Internet users in the world. Almost 90% of 360 million users access the internet through their mobile phones. Thus, mobile marketing has emerged as a key priority among digital marketers. They are using various types of mobile marketing tools to optimize their campaign for mobile phones.

  12. Clevertap: This is a mobile marketing platform that allows user to access mobile app analytics and marketing automation in a single platform.

  13. CRM: Customer relationship management is important for the success of any business. With increasing digital competition, finding customers and ensuring customer loyalty has become important for online marketers. They rely on the following tools:

  14. Salesforce: Salesforce CRM offers a comprehensive overview of customer-related information. Users can utilize customer data to generate important reports and sales optimizing forecasts.

  15. Zendesk: This CRM platform facilitates customer engagement across various channels. The platform consolidates all customers interactions on a single dashboard.

All the above-mentioned tools will help digital marketers to manage and control digital campaigns at various phases of customer journey. However, for increasing chances of success, it is important that you partner with trusted companies like Saas Expansion, which comes with years of experience in the SEA region. For more information, please get in touch with our team today.

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