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[2020] Ultimate User guide for Microsoft teams

Updated: Oct 30, 2020


By now many businesses have realized the benefits of having productive employees who discuss, share, and collaborate regularly to solve a problem and find a solution. There are several collaborative tools that allow teams to stay connected even if they are divided over distances and time zones. Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular communication and collaboration tools used by businesses across the world to facilitate efficient communication between different teams within the organization.


1. Microsoft Teams is a chat-based tool designed for business communication. This tool was introduced in 2017 and is available to Microsoft 365 users.

2. Microsoft Teams was developed as an alternative to HipChat and Slack, and as a replacement for Skype for Business.

3. It is today available in 26 languages.

4. Microsoft Teams allows users to share their files and documents; follow threaded communications; arrange and attend video and audio conferencing; communicate through team chat and private messaging; share screen with team members; search archives; set customizable alerts; and so on.

5. Microsoft Teams can be integrated with Microsoft Office services such as Excel and Word, SharePoint, One Note, and PowerPoint, Power BI, and Planner.

Microsoft Teams: How to Use It

1. Account Creation

Teams can be accessed from mobile devices and desktop. It is accessible from the following link.

Click on “Sign in” and this page appears

Next click on “Create one” and you will see this page. Enter your official email address and click on the “Next”.

Create a new password by following the instructions on the screen.

After entering the password you have to verify the email by entering the code and your account is created. Next, visit the to start using the software.

2. App Download

Click on “Download Teams”

Click on Download for Desktop or Download for Mobile

l If you have clicked on Download for Desktop then open the file downloaded and follow the instructions.

l If you have clicked on Download for Mobile you will get this page prompting you enter your phone number or email address. A download link will be sent to your email. You can download the file on mobile and install the application following the instructions.

Else, you can download the mobile app from Google Play Store or ioS App Store.

3. Set Teams and Channels

As the name suggests, Team indicates set of people or groups where members work together with a common goal. Channels refer to segregation that you can make department, task, or project wise.

Here is how you can make a team

Open the desktop app and click on “Join or create a team”. You will find this on the left hand side of the sidebar.

On the new page, you will find “Create team” button and click on the same to see further options.

You can see two options here:

l Build a team from scratch: This is an ideal option if you are creating the team for the first time.

l Create from an existing Office 365 group or team: This suits if you have been collaborating with other teams on Microsoft 365 groups.

Next, you will see this screen:

Choose from three options:

l Private: If you like to build small project teams and wish to maintain confidentiality.

l Public: This is the best option for large teams or teams where members are often shuffled.

l Org-Wide: This is the option if you want to create one team by hosting your entire organization. You can divide departments using channels.

Next, you can name the team as “Sales” “UI/UX” “Marketing” or even project specific-name such as “Pilot Sales” “ Client Marketing” or “Internal Marketing” and so on.

You can now see the new team information on the left hand side bar. Next, click on the three dots (more) option appearing next to the team name and “Add member”.

Next, you can add the name of team members you want to collaborate with. You can also add guests who may be consultants or some other third-party employees. You can give them access through their official or non-official email ids.

For Mobile App

l Open the Teams app.

l Click on the “Teams” Icon at the bottom and click on the icon of “two people” followed by “+” appearing on the right side of the page towards the top. You will find a Manage Teams page.

l Name your team, describe the team, and choose the right privacy settings.

Once you have completed these steps, you can tap on “More options” and choose “Add members”. Type the members of the team.

Create a Channel

The Team adds channel for all team members.

Step 1:

Click on the three dots that appear next to your team name. Next, click on “Add Channel”.

Next, add title, description, and change the privacy settings to private or standard. After finishing the settings, you can click on the “Add” button.

For Mobile

1. Click on the “Teams” icon and tap the more option or three dots near the team and add channel.

2. Click on “Manage” options, then click on Add+ to start a new channel. Add channel name and description, and set privacy settings.

3. Next tap on “Done” to complete the process.

After these basic settings you can:

l Chat with People

l Share Files

l Make Audio and Video Calls

l Schedule Meetings


Improved collaboration and conversation helps minimize project-related errors and maximize efficiency. As the steps to set up Teams account, build teams, and channels are well-introduced through this post, you can start using the Teams for your business collaboration.

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