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[2020] Ultimate User guide for Skype for Business

Updated: Oct 30, 2020


Remote working and work from home have emerged as trends in recent years. Business owners are using different tools to ensure collaboration between different team members. Microsoft Lync, which is now known as Skype for Business, is the most popular business communication platform by Microsoft. It allows people to connect through text, video, and audio chats.


1. Skype for Business is a cross-platform application that allows people to communicate irrespective of the device they use.

2. With Skype for Business, you can get in touch with all team members through text, video, and audio.

3. Skype for Business is available on all devices including Android and iOS.

4. It supports audio call, video call, video conferencing, and file sharing.

5. Skype for Business prevents intrusions and cyber attacks and also encrypts communication on the platform.

6. It prevents users from sharing documents outside the organization.

How to Set Up Skype for Business

Skype for Business is an application from Microsoft 365 Suite of products. You can download Skype directly from the Microsoft 365 portal.

Here are the steps to download Skype for Business.

1. Go to

Here you can enter your email address, phone number, or Skype ID to proceed.

Next, click on the Settings icon on the page and choose Office 365.

Next, Choose the Software


Next, you may see any of these screens depending on the type of Microsoft 365 plan you have chosen.


Click on Skype for Business and Install to start the installation process.

Choose as Save as to download the setupskypeforbusinessentryretail.exe file to your computer. Click on choose Run after the file is downloaded.

The Office Installer will display the installation message. Although the message shows Installing Office, only Skype is installed.

After the Skype for Business is installed, you can login to your account using the

2. Set Up Your Audio and Video Device for Skype Audio and Video Calls

Go to Show Menu

l Select Tools > Audio Device Settings

l Customize Your Device

n Speaker: Drag the slider to the right side for volume increase or decrease

n Microphone: Test the volume of the microphone by speaking

n Ringer: Adjust the volume by dragging the slider

Go to Show Menu

l Select Tools > Video Device Settings

l Select the Video device and choose the type of camera you want

l Check the camera angle and adjust it to the center in the preview

l Choose Crop and center my video in meetings to zoom and focus your face during the video call

3. Sign Up for Skype for Business and Set Your Status

Click on Sign In and choose from the list of status options such as:

Ø Available

Ø Busy

Ø Do not Disturb

Ø Be Right Back

Ø Off Work

Ø Appear Away

Ø Reset Status

Ø Sign Out

Ø Exit

Generally, the Skype for Business is integrated with your Microsoft Outlook account, you can also check if your team mates are Available, Busy, or Appear Away. If there is no activity on the mouse or keyboard for 5 minutes, the status will become “inactive”.

4. How to Add Contacts in Skype for Business

This platform allows you to add contacts from your organization and sometimes outside it. You can add contacts in the following ways.

Ø Step 1: You can click on Add a Contact icon to add contacts.

Ø Step 2: You can Create New group and add your contacts to the list.

Ø Step 3: Click on the picture of your colleague to Add to Contacts list.

With all your teammates added, communication now becomes easier!

5. Tips for Using Skype for Audio/ Video Calls or Video Conferencing

For Video Conferencing , here is how you can proceed

Ø Choose Available to set your presence status.

Ø Click on the “Meet Now” option under the Meetings tab.

Ø Once the meeting screen appears, you can start adding participants to it by clicking on the Invite button found on the top right corner.

(Image Resource -

To make video or audio calls, here is how you can proceed:

1. Click on the person’s name on your contact list then click on the video or audio icon.

2. Next, the pop-up offering call setting appears on the screen and they include the following:

l Video on/off: You can turn the webcam on or off on the camera by clicking on the camera option

l Microphone Mute: You can click on the microphone option to mute your Microphone.

l Options: On clicking the three dots option, you will find options like Conduct an audio call only; Respond with an instant message only; or set “Do not Disturb” option.

How to Use Skype for Instant Messaging

You can use Skype for text messaging any contact on your list. Here is how you can proceed:

l Choose the contact name from the list to send text message.

l Next, click on the Message icon and a chatbox will appear, where you can add your message.

l You can add more people to the chat by clicking on the “+ “ button on the top right side of the window.

l You can directly send the message to all people in your group by right-clicking on groups in your list. The message will be instantly delivered to all group members.

How to Share Your Screen During Skype Calls

It is seen that in real-life situations, people use boards for presentations during business meetings. In virtual meeting space like Skype for Business, users are recreating the same effect by choosing Present Programs or Present Desktop.

When your desktop is being presented, the “Now Presenting” status will appear. The status will change to Presentation mode, which will inform other users.

The participant with whom you intend to share your screen will receive the request. In between, you can pass the control to other participants for presentation by clicking on “Give Control” and even revoke it using “ Take back control”.

Click on stop presenting to exit the screen sharing.


Skype for Business has gained immense popularity during COVID-19 as a user-friendly collaboration platform. The platform offers every member the choice to use the device of their choice and share documents, and strike a conversation effectively. This application can be easily integrated with Microsoft Office 365 Suite. With user-friendly features, Skype for Business will help you add another dimension to business communication.

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